Monday, May 20, 2013

just a few random thoughts

Here's (a small sampling) of what's on my mind this week.

thought the first -  it is FAR too hot to be May.  If this is an indicator of what this summer is bringing, I'm in trouble.  I've never been a fan of hot, or the sun in general.  Combined with the abysmal air quality of the Inland Empire, it's miserable.  It hurts to take a deep breath.  When I'm driving home from another, cleaner, area of So Cal and I can see myself driving into the brown cloud that covers the valley, it just makes me sad.

thought the second - when I was a kid, here in Riverside, we had smog days at school.  They weren't nearly as exciting as the snow days other kids look forward to.  Smog days meant that the air quality was so poor that we, as elementary school kids, couldn't be allowed outside to play at recess.  Instead we had to sit in our classrooms and play heads-up-seven-up. 

thought the third - one of my dearest friends lost her father this week.  It was a long time coming, but it's still shocking when the end arrives.  It brought to mind 13(!) years ago when I lost my own (step) dad, which was completely unexpected and very quick.  I don't think a person ever fully recovers from losing a parent, I think it changes you forever.  And still, all these years later, there are still times when I think, "I wish I could share this with him, I wish he was here to help me through this, I wish he was here..."

thought the forth - My friend, mentioned above, is an only child.  I've seen her struggle with her dad's illness and her mom's (unfortunate) behavior for the past year.  I have tried in every way possible to help/support/advise/love her through the year, but I know it's not the same.  I'm thankful for my (many) siblings, despite the battles we endure and the distance between us, it's good to know you share that history with someone.  I always planned on only having one kid, but seeing her struggle, I think there's value in having/adopting more than one so that they will always have someone.

thought the final - I'm so thankful for the advanced technology in our industrialized for inventing the crock pot and the electric tea kettle.  Today, when it's so hot and gross outside and I'm considering turning on the AC (another technological wonder I'm grateful for), it's so comforting to know I can cook the chicken for my cold chicken salad in the crock pot.  And I can boil water for some deliciously healthful green tea in my electric kettle.  No need to turn on the burner and heat up the oven, which heats up the kitchen, which continues straight on to my living room. 

Here's the simply wonderful looking salad we're having for dinner tonight.  It should be cool, crisp, and chock full of healthy goodness...

spinich salad with chicken avocado and goat cheese...

thanks to recipe girl for the recipe on the link and this mouthwatering picture...